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Loans are now advertised and offered cheaply by most banks and credit institutions. If consumers want to take out a loan, thanks to the new media and the Internet, they now have a large selection of providers, so that the local branch office is no longer automatically the first and only address on which credit is sought. More information at

Today it is easier to apply for a loan. But lurk also significantly more potential dangers, if consumers do without professional advice at the house bank and inform themselves on the net. There are some important things that need to be considered in order not to end up paying for it. We have editorially compiled some important credit tips that can be of immense importance for making the right decision.

The Internet and the associated anonymity are not an obvious advantage. But this is precisely where dangers lurk, which one should at least know, in order not to fall into the debt trap.

What consumers need to pay attention to

What consumers need to pay attention to

 If construction and real estate financing is concerned with the repayment amount, there is an important rule of thumb that is decisive for debt relief. Thus, the repayment amount must always be dependent on the amount of the APR. In a low-interest phase, the highest possible repayment should be arranged with the bank in order to become faster debt-free. At low interest rates and low eradication, it can take an extremely long time to become debt-free again as a borrower.

In the usual annuity loan with a constant loan rate, which is composed of interest and repayments, the monthly repayment, the remaining debt is smaller. This automatically reduces the interest component in the installment. Because of the constant high rate, the repayment share increases accordingly. If the interest rates are very low, as is currently the case, the interest component of the rate decreases correspondingly more slowly. Conversely, this has the consequence that the repayment share increases more slowly. The rule of thumb is therefore: high interest, low repayment and low interest, equal repayment. Those who follow this rule do not do anything wrong in principle.

Arrange optional extra payment option

Arrange optional extra payment option

For mortgage lending but also for classic installment loans, it makes sense if the option of a free special payment is optionally agreed upon conclusion of the contract. Special repayments and / or special payments are additional repayments. This gives borrowers the opportunity to use funds released to become faster debt-free.

Many lenders offer optional extra payments free of charge. Some banks charge an interest charge for this option. Clever is to use an offer in which the optional extra payment costs nothing.
There are several possible variants on the market.

  1. Five to ten percent of the net loan amount annually as a special payment
  2. Up to 25 percent of the net loan amount within the scope of the borrowing rate commitment
  3. Fixed sums between 2,000 to 10,000 euros annually

Often the offered special payment options are not used by the borrowers. If they need to be bought for expensive money, you should check in advance whether you need it or not.

For installment loans, some lenders offer optional payments free of charge.

The processing fee is not allowed

The processing fee is not allowed

Many banks are ignoring the current case law, which says that fees should not be charged for processing loans. When banks check the creditworthiness of customers before granting loans, they act primarily in their own interest. The resulting costs can not simply be passed on to the customer.

As a customer, you have it in your hands today. Already with the preselection of the offerers one should pay attention to select only one bank, which raises no processing fee. After all, so can save up to three percent credit costs. Many banks advertise that they do not charge processing fees.

Beware of dubious credit intermediaries

Beware of dubious credit intermediaries

Consumers who are not alone in trying to find the best loan offer through a credit comparison, submit their loan application through a credit intermediary and leave that to the part. Unfortunately, there are some credit intermediaries in the market who are primarily concerned with their clients to earn as much money as possible.

So here is some caution not wrong. There are signs that even lay people can conclude that a credit intermediary is not serious. Dubious credit intermediaries often charge upfront costs. They promise loans even in actually hopeless cases, can only be reached under expensive hotlines, send documents against cash on delivery or customers want life insurance or Bauspar contracts turn over to secure the loan.

Caution balloon financing

Caution balloon financing

The balloon financing attracts unsuspecting customers with auto financing with particularly low monthly installments. However, this financing model has disadvantages that you should know before getting involved. Balloon financing is more expensive in interest than conventional car loan. Borrowers almost never succeed in paying the balloon rate at the end of the contract. Then another loan must be concluded, which again entails borrowing costs. In general, it is better to take a cheap classic installment loan and then make the repayment period so that the rate remains affordable. By a corresponding down payment, the financing amount is reduced.

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Loans for Pensioners, i.e. Rent and Loan Wed, 10 Apr 2019 16:00:53 +0000

At present, there are around 1.38 million Poles in disability pensions due to inability to work in Poland. Pensioners and pensioners are a very large social group that has the greatest need for an additional injection of cash. Everything, because the pension / pension is very low and is not enough to meet current needs.

Many seniors use additional money not only for their own needs, related to, for example, treatment. They need an extra cash injection to help their relatives. Older people will also borrow electronic equipment for their grandchildren or to finance family celebrations.

People who are on a pension often sign credit agreements when buying more expensive home appliances or RTV. Pensioners also borrow to fund the renovation of a flat or house. Unfortunately, most elderly people simply help the family in realizing their dreams of a car or foreign holidays.

Rent, and the loan online?

Rent, and the loan online?

Many pensioners have the option of using a bank loan or non-banking services. In non-bank companies, pensioners have a wide selection of loans. Especially for them, an installment loan and a payday loan are available. The amount of the loan depends on the income earned.

Non-bank companies willingly grant loans to pensioners, because companies are sure that these people regularly pay off their liabilities. Therefore, people on a pension should have no difficulty getting a loan from a parabank. Older people may decide to apply for it online or visit a company that is stationary.

Older people who apply for a loan should have a valid ID card, bank account, mobile phone number, e-mail address, Polish citizenship and Polish address. In addition, a certificate of income is also often required, and in the case of a pensioner’s loan – an annuity or bank statement. If we meet all the statutory requirements, we will easily be awarded an online loan in 15 minutes. If we look well, we can also find the first loan offer for free, which means that the first loan taken from 100 to 3000 PLN for 30 days. Such a loan will not cost us anything, provided that we repay it in full on time.

Are pensioners a good group for loan companies?

Are pensioners a good group for loan companies?

Seniors are a very specific group of borrowers. Seniors are good clients for loan companies – they have fixed, guaranteed, regular income. Pensioners also have many opportunities to receive loans. Loan institutions are happy to grant loans to pensioners. Rensi is a very good customer repair because he has regular income.

People who are on pension usually receive periodic cash benefits paid by the insurance institution – ZUS as part of the social security system. Anyone who gets a pension can apply for a non-bank loan quickly and easily. All you need to do is choose one of the offers available online, prepare an “episode” confirming receipt of the pension in the last month, complete the application on the lender’s website and possibly confirm your identity. Loans for people on a pension are usually paid to a bank account. Increasingly, however, you can pick them up, for example, at the post office, which is a great option for those who are not completely convinced of electronic banking. Depending on the amount of the loan required, the pensioner can choose either a payment or a loan with the repayment option in installments.

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5000 Euro Payday Loan – Without Problems – Immediately Paid Tue, 09 Apr 2019 11:06:22 +0000

The 5000 euro loan is given as a small loan by many lenders. The very popular loan amount is therefore provided by many different lenders. See for an example

These include branch banks, online and direct banks as well as credit agencies and credit marketplaces. The terms of this loan are almost always dependent on the creditworthiness of the applicant. But the chosen repayment term also plays a very important role.

5000 euros credit – how secure?

5000 euros credit - how secure?

Who accepts a 5000 euro credit at leisure, can use the loan amount in various ways. The money can be used, for example, to balance the checking account, for purchases in the home, travel or even incurred repair bills. As lenders, consumers have access to various branch banks or their own bank.

But if you want to apply for a loan from these banks, you always have to bring some time. These banks usually do not lend without a prior consultation. As a rule, the bank customer only has to bring a valid ID card for the consultation with the house bank.

During the consultation, the bank customer can submit his request to the clerk. Whether a 5000 euro loan is possible, the clerk determines by a credit check. To secure the loan with a total of 5000 euros usually the salary.

Of course, a private credit information is obtained. This information should be positive at the house bank but also at any other branch bank. If the private credit score and the credit rating for a loan are sufficient, a credit agreement can be concluded. The loan amount will be transferred to the applicant within a few days.

Small loans – 5000 euros, of course, Creditend

Small loans - 5000 euros, of course, Creditend

Particularly in the small loan segment, a lot of money can be saved by making a detailed comparison. A simple and clear credit comparison is possible on a credit portal. Creditend is one of the largest loan portals in Germany. Installment loans ranging from 500 to 120,000 can be compared on the websites of the comparison portal.

Consumers can choose between 12 and 144 months. This corresponds to a repayment term of 12 years. For a € 5,000 loan, consumers should choose a relatively short repayment term of no more than 36 or 48 months. For these small loans, the shorter the term, the cheaper the loan.

So that a consumer can compare the loans with Creditend, the desired loan sum of 5000 euro, the term and if possible a purpose of use is entered. Once these entries have been made, the consumer will be provided with a list of banks eligible for this loan. Since all loan offers contain information such as bank details, product details, monthly loan installment, borrowing rate and effective interest rate, a credit comparison is very clear.

After the consumer has found the right loan offer for himself, he will be redirected to the website of the online or direct bank. On this page the 5000 Euro loan can be requested immediately. Anyone applying for a loan from an online or direct bank should be able to prove a positive private credit and have a good credit rating.

Loans to 5000 euros – from the network

Loans to 5000 euros - from the network

Not every consumer in Germany can offer the banks a good credit rating and a positive private credit. For these people, the loans from credit marketplaces offer. On the credit marketplace of Creditend consumers receive personal loans from 1000 to 50000 euros. The credit periods can be between 12 and 144 months. The loans of the portal are financed by private donors and selected financial institutions.

As with the banks a private credit information is obtained. However, this information is treated neutrally and serves only to assess the credit risk. Applicants who have severe negative characteristics in their private credit will not receive credit.

The application for a € 5,000 loan is very easy. After entering into the loan calculator, the personal data of the applicant are requested. At this point we obtained the private credit information. This is followed by questions about the monthly income and expenses. Once the profile is complete, the loan application will be submitted to the lenders.

Private investors now have the opportunity to submit a loan offer to the applicant. If the applicant has decided on a loan offer, the 5,000 euro loan will be paid out. The contract and the payment of the loan are taken over by a bank for legal reasons.

5000 euros are available at credit agencies even without private credit

5000 euros are available at credit agencies even without private credit

Consumers with slight negative features can also apply for a € 5,000 loan from a reputable credit bureau. These lenders have a license and can therefore work like insurance brokers. However, the mediators work together with various banks at home and abroad. As a result, different loan options are possible.

A small loan of 5,000 euros can be requested in credit negotiations with private credit. In the case of slight negative features, a co-applicant is often accepted. Even naming a guarantor is possible with reputable credit agencies.

If you can not name a guarantor and have no second applicant, you will also receive the 5000 Euro credit without private credit.The loan is also requested online in the internet. However, the applicant must meet high credit requirements. These conditions include a permanent residence in Germany and an unfinished employment relationship that is outside the probationary period.

Furthermore, the applicant must be able to demonstrate a net salary above the exemption limit. Of course, the applicant must also have reached the age of 18 years. Many credit agencies have a maximum age for lending. If these requirements are not met, often no credit without private credit is possible.

Credit of 5000 euros – compare worthwhile

Credit of 5000 euros - compare worthwhile

Since a 5,000 euro loan is a relatively low loan amount, it is offered by many conventional banks and online and direct banks. The cheapest loan offers are received by applicants who have a very good credit rating and a high private credit score.

For borrowers with reduced creditworthiness, loans are made available with this disbursement amount from credit agencies and credit marketplaces. A detailed credit comparison is definitely worthwhile for consumers. For all lenders, the lowest possible credit rate should always be chosen, as this will enable particularly cheap lending.

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Fast Loan – Loans 15 Minutes Fri, 22 Mar 2019 08:58:28 +0000

CashMan is a financial institution that gives new clients up to 300 euros for a month. It is ideal to pay small debts or to face small expenses such as fixing an appliance or similar.

Recurring customers are extended this credit up to 1500 euros as long as they have returned the previous one without mishap.

In summary, the characteristics of the CashMan Credits are:

  • They are requested online through their website 24 hours a day
  • In less than 15 minutes you are notified if you have been approved or not
  • Your request and processing is simple

What are the CashMan Credits requirements?

What are the CashMan Credits requirements?

CashMan differs from other fast-credit portals in that they require fewer requirements to approve money requests.

  • Be Spanish Only approves credits to citizens of Spain
  • Be of age
  • Have a bank account in your name (here you will receive the loan)
  • Provide a mobile number

Warning: They will verify your identity through the telephone number provided so if you want credit approved you do not provide a false one.

How do I apply for a CashMan mini-credit in 15 minutes?

How do I apply for a CashMan mini-credit in 15 minutes?

The process is simple I am going to tell you step by step so you do not have any problems:

Step 1: Enter the CashMan website and on the form indicate the amount of money you want and the return period. Automatically you will be shown on what date you have to make the return and what is the total amount that you will have to return. Click on next

Step 2: Enter your personal information such as name, ID, e-mail address, bank information etc. Press next

Step 3: The people in charge of CashMan analyze your request, in two aspects, both your identity and your solvency (Even if you appear in Financial Credit Institutions they can approve your credit request). They will send you notification of the approval through SMS and email.

Step 4: Once they approve the credit, they send you the money by bank transfer and your bank and yours coincide the availability of the money will be immediate if they were different, the money can take between 24 and 48 hours to arrive.

Observation: If this is your first request to this financial institution, you can only request a maximum of 300 euros. As you go back the loaned amounts will increase the maximum limit.

What amounts do you grant in each credit?

What amounts do you grant in each credit?

CashMan as you trust the client is increasing the amount of the loan. Stable five sections:

Start Level: First loan

  • The amount that lends is from 50 to 300 euros
  • The return period is 5 to 30 days
  • The interest rate is fixed at 1.1% per day

Example: CashMan’s credit of 300 euros: Interest of 99 euros is applied, so the total to be repaid in 30 days is 399 euros

Level of Takeoff: Second loan

  • The amount it provides is up to 500 euros
  • The return period is 5 to 30 days
  • The interest rate is fixed at 1% per day

Example: CashMan credit of 500 euros: Interest of 150 euros is applied so that the total to be repaid in 30 days is 650 euros

Ascent Level: Third loan

  • The amount it provides is up to 700 euros
  • The return period is 5 to 30 days
  • The interest rate is fixed at 0.9% per day

Example: CashMan’s credit of 700 euros: Interest of 189 euros is applied, so the total to be repaid in 30 days is 889 euros

Turbo Level: Fourth loan

  • The amount it provides is up to 900 euros
  • The return period is 30 to 90 days
  • The interest rate is fixed at 0.7% per day

Example: CashMan credit of 900 euros: Interest of 493 euros is applied, so the total to be repaid in 90 days is 1479 euros

Super Turbo Level: Fifth loan

  • The amount it provides is up to 1,200 euros
  • The return period is 30 to 120 days
  • The interest rate is fixed at 0.65% per day

Example: CashMan’s credit of 1,200 euros: Interest of 540 euros is applied so that the total to be repaid in 120 days is 2,160 euros

How is money returned to CashMan?

How is money returned to CashMan?

The financial entity Money Man admits different modalities for the return of borrowed money:

Debit card: You can do it using the debit card (Visa or MaterCard) you enter in your personal panel of the web and through there you make the payment.

Trustly: It is an online platform through which you can carry out the return.

Bank transfer: It is the simplest way, either through your virtual bank or approaching your bank and ordering the transfer

Cash: Paying at the teller window of la Caixa or Bankia the total amount you have agreed upon.

Does Money Man Loans Grant Extensions?

Does Money Man Loans Grant Extensions?

The answer is yes but my advice is that before asking for the money you can be sure that you will be able to return it on the agreed date so you will avoid headaches.

Anyway, if you had an unexpected and can not pay on the date indicated, the best for you is to ask them through your personal panel of the web, a postponement (7, 14, 21 or even 31 days plus)

The commissions that will charge you to adults for this postponement are the following:

7 day extension : 7% interest on the amount applies.

14 day extension: 12% interest on the amount applies.

21 day extension: 15% interest on the amount applies.

30-day extension: You will receive an interest of 20% on the amount.

Requesting the extension is the best solution if you see that you will not be able to return the money on the date indicated because if you do not apply surcharges of 30 additional euros plus interest of 1.25% daily.

Conclusions about CashMan Credits

It is one of the most visited credit portals by people with money urgency

  1. Very simple to request
  2. They process it in just 15 minutes
  3. Amounts growing as you gain your confidence
  4. They approve you even when you are at Financial Credit Institutions
  5. Supports extensions
  6. It is a very reliable portal counting with several stamps like AEMIP, Seal of trust online and the seal of Ekonomi (with a 96,57% of satisfied consumers)
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I Need Money Urgently How to Get it? Sat, 23 Feb 2019 10:05:45 +0000

Many people with the arrival of the end of the month the following question goes through their heads: I need money urgently, how do I get it? Going to apply for a loan to a bank or savings bank is nonsense, because until it is granted you can spend days or weeks and if you really need it, it is time to go to them.

And if you really are so rushed to get money for today, traditional banking is not going to solve the problem because they are stagnant in the bureaucracy and even a very small amount of money will think long before concedértelo and that counting that you can Submit guarantees to ensure that you will return the money.

An option that many people when they need money urgently is to go to one of the companies specialized in online microloans that are processed and granted in just a few minutes or at most, a few hours.

I need urgent money without a payroll

I need urgent money without a payroll

If this is your problem, the solution is to go to the specialized section of the credits that are granted without papers such as payrolls or endorsements, and even without endorsements, since more and more companies are granting quick money to people who can not present said documentation because they simply lack work or pension with which they can justify regular income with which to cope with the return of fast borrowed money.

So you already know if you need fast money and you can not file payroll, all is not lost and there is still a small selection of good credit companies that are willing to grant you a mini loan without presenting those papers.

Urgent money with Financial Credit Institutions

Urgent money with Financial Credit Institutions

When asking for money online urgently the main problem that you will find is that you are required not to be listed in any list of defaulters, such as Financial Credit Institutions, which will prevent many people from going to this type of financing because they are increasingly more people who unfortunately appear as bad payers, is another of the consequences of the economic crisis we are experiencing.

Fortunately, there are some companies that are willing to study our money requests for contingencies that must be paid urgently, the disadvantage is that they usually charge a little more in interest for clients that do not appear in the debtor lists ( Financial Credit Institutions or RAI ), but even so there are about half a dozen online loans that we can request to get out of an economic hurry.

I need money urgently: what can I do

I need money urgently: what can I do

Below I show you the options you can put in place to get immediate money in a fast and agile way:

  • Request it from family and acquaintances (although you will have to give explanations, sometimes very cumbersome)
  • Request an advance of your payroll (in case you have work)
  • Go to a pawnshop, which is not recommended because you will get little money.
  • Go to a company specialized in granting urgent money through microcredits.

There are many entities that are willing to lend you money urgently, one of the best rated is Creditmobiler because there is no need to submit payroll or endorsement and the automated system they have implemented makes you lend money very quickly 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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